U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE)

Air Force


Army and Air National Guard

Geospatial Services

Services Provided

Environmental GIS

Environmental Site Assessment

Remedial Site Investigations

Risk Assessment

Plume Modeling

Wetland Delineation

Groundwater Modeling

Long Term Monitoring

Soil Sampling/Testing

Environmental Compliance

Infrastruction GIS

Tax Map Real Property


Land Use

Comprehsive Plan

Water/Storm Water/Sewer Mains

Manhole Fire Hydrants




Data Management GIS

Data Conversion


Data Managing/Cleaning

Metadata Development

SDSFIE Compliance

Web Enabled Services

Management GIS

Needs Assessment

Enterprise GIS Development

Enterprise GIS Integration

Strategic Planning

GIS Project Management

Maintenance Services


System Maintenance

GIS Training

The FPM GIS Services department has a knowledgeable and dedicated staff with more than 25 years of GIS experience. We are committed to exceed the expectations of our clients

Who Uses GIS?

GIS Analysts:

These individuals gather, convert, manage and generate data. They perform analysis and provide results to Decision Makers and GIS End-Users who can view, query, and/or identify features.

GIS End-User:

These people view, query, identify, generate maps, reports, charts and tables from data processed by the GIS Analyst.

Decision Makers:

These individuals utilize the data and maps generated and provided by the GIS Analyst and GIS End-User. They request scenarios and project to be performed by the GIS Analyst and GIS End-User in order to make correct decisions and/or recommendations based on accurate, precise, and comprehensive GIS data.