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Munitions Debris Handling and Disposal


FPM Military Munitions Response (MR) personnel are well-trained and experienced in handling and disposal of Munitions Debris (MD) items which may have resulted from detonation activities as hazardous MEC components, exposed at the site surface as scrap metals, casings, fragments, or related items. Our MR team handles and disposes MD items in accordance with munition debris procedures, as well as all applicable environmental regulations.


Our qualified Munitions Response team performs 100% inspection of recovered MDs for presence or absence of explosive materials or other hazardous items containing energetic materials. Any MEC discovered during the Quality Control check will be properly stored for destruction at a later date or blown in place if determined unsafe to move. The inspected MDs will be certified as Material Documented as Safe (MDAS) in accordance with applicable guidance document. FPM will transport all MDAS from your site to a nearby/final disposition or recycling facility with the appropriate forms and the MDAS Chain of Custody Certification.