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FPM Remediations provides environmental remediation services from preliminary assessment through remedy selection, design and implementation, including remedy operation, long-term monitoring/maintenance and optimization to site closure.


FPM have performed several site remediation and closure activities through evaluation of historical data, conducting medial (soil, water, sludge) characterization, and evaluating feasible remedial options for the remediation of contaminated media. Our remedial design and remedial action completion comply with a site-specific work plan (WP), sampling and analysis plan (SAP), and health and safety plan (HASP).

FPM’s environmental remediation team provides various remediation services which may include as required, demolition of existing above ground structures, removal/excavation and disposal of soil, water or sludge from containment media (or structure), and site restoration to an original pre-contamination conditions. Our team is well-experienced and committed to ensuring appropriate waste management of your site remediation waste (solid, liquid, and hazardous waste).


In the event that your site requires periodic monitoring, FPM performs quarterly, semi-annual, and annual sampling of your site media in accordance with the proposed plan of your site.