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Safety Submission


Our UXO qualified staff prepare Munitions Response Safety Submissions and Site Plans required for environmental restoration activities that involve intentional physical contact with MEC, or chemical agent/welfare material (CWM), depending on the nature and intent of site activities. Our competent staff ensure these submissions meet all applicable regulatory explosive or chemical safety standards as applied to a military munitions response action. We prepare timely safety submission document for your site for approval by the appropriate department (Army/DDESB) prior to implementation of your selected response.


FPM staff have prepared numerous safety submission document for munitions response site investigations or characterizations (including SI, EE/CA or RI/FS) that involve the intentional physical contact with MEC or CWM, regardless of configuration. Our Explosive Safety Submission (ESS) and/or Chemical Safety Submission (CSS) will address issues such as the nature and type of ordinance or CWM known or suspected on your site; areas (e.g., magazines) used for the storage of commercial or military demolition explosives, MEC or Chemical material distribution; planned or established demolition or disposal areas and procedures; the MRA, MRS or response area boundaries; details of applicable PPE or chemical protective clothing and equipment; and other relevant information.