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Land Use and Institutional Controls


FPM implements Land Use Controls (LUCs) which are remedial actions that include any type of physical, legal, or administrative mechanism that restricts the use of property in accordance with a remedial decision.  LUCs may be imposed either during or subsequent to an environmental response conducted under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liabilities Act (CERCLA), or corrective action under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).


FPM is experienced in utilizing LUCs as a remedial action component to mitigate risks associated with exposure to your site contamination, instead of eliminating those risks by removing or treating the contaminated media to unrestricted use levels. Based on the knowledge of your site conditions, technical or economic limitations, concerns regarding worker safety, or prevention of extensive collateral ecological damages, we select and document appropriate remedy suitable for your site.


FPM implements and manages LUCs to ensure that your land use activities in the future remain compatible with the land use restrictions imposed on the property during the environmental restoration process.