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Multi-Media Long Term Monitoring


FPM have provided Long Term Monitoring (LTM) support for remediation projects for environmental restoration at various sites. Typical example project is that completed at 10 Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) sites and 10 former bombing ranges located within Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana.


Our environmental team have proven records and the experience to provide LTM services in compliant with your site-specific work plan (WP), sampling and analysis plan (SAP), and health and safety plan (HASP). Depending on requirement, periodic monitoring may consist of quarterly, semi-annual, and/or annual monitoring events for a given initial number of years and may involve media (water, soil, air, sludge) sampling to monitor media pollutant concentration over time, or review of in-place remedial action component (such as Land Use Control) to ensure or verify the effectiveness of a remedy.


Typical support LTM events or activities we provide include well installation, water level measurements, media sampling, maintenance of LUC components, continued LUC evaluation and implementation, and assessment of future actions required to address any changes to land use.


FPM improves LTM efficiency by ensuring that only the essential data needed for monitoring current conditions is collected. We achieve this by eliminating redundant sampling locations and/or frequencies. Our data management systems are suited to optimize our sampling program. We are committed to reducing the cost of your LTM programs to enhance reduction in your long-term liability.