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Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Studies


The highly specialized Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and geophysics staff of FPM provide Remedial Investigation (RI) and Feasibility Studies (FS) at numerous munitions response sites, including small arms, bombing, and skeet ranges; machine gun, rifle, large and sub-caliber artillery ranges; anti-aircraft and tank maneuver ranges; and open burn/open detonation and pyrotechnic areas.


The RI effort of our staff has aided in characterizing the nature and extent of explosive safety hazards, including MEC on munition site, and also the nature and extent of Munition Constituents (MC) contamination (including metals and explosives,) in site media (e.g., surface/subsurface soil and ground water).


FPM’s UXO personnel are experienced in the preparation of Explosives Safety Submission (ESS) and/or Chemical Safety Submission (CSS) documents and versed in the conduct of surface clearances, brush clearing, intrusive investigation, identification of munitions items, and other UXO support operations geared towards the accomplishment of a successful RIFS.