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Geospatial Services


The FPM Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services department has a knowledgeable and dedicated staff with several years of GIS experience. We utilize GIS tool for spatially integrating all existing site information as well as environmental and geophysical survey results. With the strong future emphasis on digitally recorded and geo-referenced data collection, we fully utilized GIS as a tool for UXO site CSMs, remediation, and land transfer under Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). Our staff has a unique understanding of Federal geospatial data management systems. Our extensive experience stems from working with active installation geodatabases and our involvement in managing and updating geospatial data, data integration, documentation and model validation support. We are committed to exceed the expectations of our clients.


Who Uses GIS?


GIS Analysts:


These individuals gather, convert, manage and generate data. They perform analysis and provide results to Decision Makers and GIS End-Users who can view, query, and/or identify features.


GIS End-User:


These people view, query, identify, generate maps, reports, charts and tables from data processed by the GIS Analyst.


Decision Makers:


These individuals utilize the data and maps generated and provided by the GIS Analyst and GIS End-User. They request scenarios and project to be performed by the GIS Analyst and GIS End-User in order to make correct decisions and/or recommendations based on accurate, precise, and comprehensive GIS data.